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Sinners who trust Christ to be
saved by grace ,
at that moment become maturing
Saints who can
trust Christ to be
solved by grace!

"Never forget,
no matter what...
John 3:16

Read and hear the Bible in various languages on various platforms!  Experience the Bible afresh! (English, Spanish and 600 more!)

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Take one week...only seven days, and seize the opportunity to view and ponder the three videos for each day (less than 15 minutes a day)! 

  • ENGAGE in the AddVenture by watching the videos above, from The CURE: Study Guide!
  • ENJOY the truths of God's love and personal transformation that are presented!
  • EXPRESS your heart regarding the content, to those you love and to those who love you!  Talk it up!

The goal is authentic expression, in other words, BE REAL !  If there is one thing the current generation cannot abide it is an insincere phony.

We all know them, we see them everyday, perhaps in the mirror as we get ready each morning.

These videos are not perfect, but neither am I, and maybe, just maybe, neither are you.  : )

Just let the truths of these videos grip your heart with the reality of how deeply the Heavenly Father loves mankind.  He has done the work for us!  He is crazy about us even on the bad days, maybe even especially on the bad days!  May your mental image of God be radically changed.  As you view Him differently, you will see yourself in a much different light as well.  We are with you every step of the way!  We look forward to hearing from you before, during or after the AddVenture of the week!  Please communicate on your journey.  Feedback is deeply appreciated!

  1. Email HERE to say, "I will embark on the AddVenture!" (Focus on the opportunity NOT obligation.  If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off and complete it as you are able!  Relax!
  2. Email HERE to say, "I am in the AddVenture and am finding ________________ a real blessing, etc."
  3. Email HERE to say, "I have completed the AddVenture and want to submit a testimony regarding the impact that the AddVenture has had on my life and my relationships with God and others!"

May the AddVenture of this WEEK help you see how WEAK you are and how STRONG Christ desires to be in you (2 Cor. 12:10; Heb. 11:34 and Col. 1:26-29)!  Someone has said, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." May this Venture, Add to your life in ways you can't even imagine!  You can be empowered as you depend on the One who loves you more than mere words or videos can express!


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